Why is a comfort layer very important and why is it topmost in a mattress?

Present day mattress typically consists of different layers. Mattresses that were earlier made of natural latex used to be made of a single layer.However over the years due to therising cost of natural latex and the heavy demand for mattresses,the designs have changed with multilayer matters is becoming very popular.These designs comprise a core layer which is responsible for the support and firmness of the matters.The topmost layer which is referred to like the comfort layer is the layer that offers the cushioning effect.The support and comfort of your mattress entirely depend on the combination of these two layers.

Advantages of multi layer designs

The advantage of opting for multi layer designs from a reputed Mattress Store Lone Tree is the ability to offer the right kind of support for the natural curvature of the body.Additionally, a multi layer design helps to regulate the temperature of the mattress. The topmost layer absorbs the heat and transfers it to the core of the mattress,which will then move it away through the open cell design in the core layers.Mattresses are now advance to a level where the support is firm,the comfort is perfect,and the temperature is regulated.Every layer is important for a mattress,with the comfort layer regarded as very important,because of the comfort factor.

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How the topmost layer has a role in maintaining temperatures

The topmost layer is pivotal for maintaining the temperature.For instance, a very soft layer will generate more heat because the individual will be in constant touch with the mattress.A mattress that is slightly firm will have a relatively lesser area of contact,and this will help to keep the temperature low.The material of the comfort layer places a very important role in the temperature of the mattress.It needs to quickly transfer the heat to the core of the mattress.Not only should offer the right kind of support and cushioning effect it should also help to control the temperature.

How different sleeping positions will be affected by the wrong type of comfort layer

An individual who sleeps on his or her side will generally require a more soft mattress from a good Mattress Store Lone Tree. In other words, the comfort layer needs to be a little softer.An individual who sleeps face down will require a mattress that is not very soft.This essentially means that the comfort layer should not be too soft for individuals who sleep face down.